2013 Topps Series 1!

After looking around during the weekend, I was able to find some Topps at my local Target today – I picked up 2 rack packs and 2 hanger packs.  I didn’t have time to take any pictures yet, but the first rack pack was pretty successful.  I pulled a Brandon Beachy Chasing the Dream jersey relic (1:141)  and a Mat Latos Camo parallel #d out of 99 (1:79).  My first impression is that I really like the Emerald Foil parallels (I got Trevor Rosenthal) and some of the insert sets.  More to come soon…


2012 Topps Archives Blaster: Part 2

Pack 5:
Robinson Cano 20
Andrew McCutchen 66
George Brett 117 
Carlos Santana 168
John Kruk 222
Elvis Andrus 131
Adam Lind 178
Wade Boggs 43

Pack 6:
Nelson Cruz 40
Josh Beckett 57
Cliff Lee 108
David Price 159
Catfish Hunter Cloth Sticker 77C-CH
Matt Harrison 93
Ike Davis 144
Yogi Berra 191

Pack 7:
Corey Hart 41
Adam Wainwright 53
J.P, Arencibia 141
Starlin Castro 154
Willie McCovey 176
Billy Butler 38
Mike Schmidt 88
Joe DiMaggio 138


Pack 8:
Jose Valverde 37
Clay Buchholz 87
Ivan Nova 139
Nolan Ryan 187
Carl Yastrzemski Deckle Edge 69DE-11 of 15
Vance Worley 188
Adam Jones 32
Jose Reyes 82

2012 Topps Archives Blaster: Part 1

Topps Archives is a set that I liked from last year.  I enjoyed the retro designs of the cards, as well as some of the insert sets that were included.  Here is what I came out with:

Pack 1:
Carlos Ruiz 45
Phil Rizzuto 96
Jarrod Parker 146
Ben Zobrist  Gold Rainbow Foil 132 Image
Ron Gant SP 228
Brett Gardner 9
Mariano Rivera 60
Matt Moore RC 8


Pack 2:
Lonnie Chisenhall 193
Madison Bumgarner 15

Shaun Marcum 73
Ben Zobrist 132
Mariano Rivera Sticker 67S-MR
Not an insert series that I love

Jordan Zimmermann 65
Torii Hunter 105
Stephen Strasburg 151

Pack 3:
Matt Cain 181
Dan Haren 25

Reggie Jackson 75
Evan Longoria 127
Jim Palmer Reprint 575
Brandon Beachy 19
Drew Storen 68
Heath Bell 121

Pack 4:
Shane Victorino 177
Dan Uggla 56 Relic Jersey 56R-DU
What luck!  I pull the one of these that I already have.

Justin Upton Topps 3D
Asdrubal Cabrera 174
B.J. Upton 29
Ervin Santana 79

2011 Topps Chrome Blaster

I ordered a bunch of different blasters from DA Card World so that I would have something different to open.  Here are the results of 2011 Topps Chrome:

Pack 1:
Adrian Gonzalez 25
Rafael Soriano 36

Jose Reyes Chrome Refractor C192 
Jerry Sands RC 211

Pack 2:
David Price 44
Gio Gonzalez 56
Freddie Freeman RC Refractor 173

Kyle Drabek 215

Pack 3:
Colby Rasmus 71
Alexi Ogando RC Xfractor 188Image

Brandon Kintzler RC 206
Pedro Alvarez 151
Checklist 1 of 2

Pack 4:
Joe Mauer 80
Gaby Sanchez 89
Jose Bautista Vintage Chrome VC30Image
Rickie Weeks 145

Pack 5:
Ubaldo Jimenez 97
Cameron Maybin Purple Refractor 95 Image
Chris Young 137
Chris Carpenter 121

Pack 6:
Shin-Soo Choo 103
Gordon Beckham 51
Nick Markakis Xfractor 22 Image
Carlos Beltran 114

Pack 7:
James Loney 47
Starlin Castro Refractor 17 Image
Paul Konerko 159
Chris Sale RC 205

Pack 8:
Danny Espinosa 33
Matt Kemp 24
Scott Cousins Refractor 187 Image

As a Giants fan, not a player I want to see!

Craig Kimbrel RC 195

Overall, not too bad.  At least the refractors I got were decent players for the most part.  I like the design of this set, with the white borders instead of the silver.  I hope that Chris Sale can stay healthy and be a productive player, building upon his last season.  Too bad there were not any Giants though.

Walmart Repackage Box

I picked up a baseball repack box at Walmart today, and it was much better than the most recent football one I got. Here are the contents:
1 1991Topps
1 2006 Topps
1 2006 Fleer Tradition
1 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces
1 2008 Upper Deck Timeline
1 2010 Upper Deck
2 2010 Topps Series 2
1 2011 Topps Series 1
3 2011 Topps Series 2
3 2011 Topps Update
2 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter
1 2011 Topps Heritage
1 2012 Topps Series 1
1 2012 Topps Archives

1995 Collector’s Choice #2

#426 Brian R. Hunter Silver Signature – I couldn’t remember if one Brian Hunter was better than the other.  This one was the power hitter, while the other one was the speedster.  Neither was very good, especially for the era, but this one put up a .728 OPS compared to .659 for Brian L. Hunter.

#5 Alex Rodriguez Silver Signature – I remember when I actually liked A-Rod.  He was an exciting young player playing with Griffey.  Then he followed the money and took steroids, so the Yankees are the perfect fit for him.

#83 Albert Belle – What would happen if Belle and Bonds played on a team at the same time?  They would probably have needed separate locker rooms.

#148 Juan Guzman – He had some good years, but 1994 was not one of them.

#209 Derrick May

#419 Frank Viola – He actually played 2 more seasons after this, finishing in 1996 with the Blue Jays.

#214 Kevin Foster

#269 Omar Vizquel – Former Giant, great fielder, and piled up over 2800 hits over a long career.

#417 Ken Ryan – otherwise known as not-Nolan Ryan

#496 Kirk McCaskill


1995 Collector’s Choice #1

One of the things I liked about this set when I was younger was the Silver and Gold Signature parallels.  This set includes the silvers at a rate of 2 per pack and gold at about 1 per box.  I also liked that the design of the set was pretty simple.  Here is what the first pack brought:

#214 Kevin Foster Silver Signature


#292 Bobby Ayala

#74 Randy Johnson – a full-bleed card due to his league lead in strikeouts

#139 John Olerud – an excellent player for many years.  I disliked the Blue Jays when I was a kid because they beat the A’s, but I knew Olerud was a good player.

#308 Robb Nen – enjoyed some good years with the Giants.  I always like finding former Giants.

#414 Steve Farr

#336 Dwight Smith – bounced around the league for awhile, was basically a league average player

#276 Wayne Kirby

#408 Scott Cooper – I remembered him actually making an All Star game, but it turned out that he made it in both 1993 and 1994.

#487 Pat Meares – What stood out when I saw him was the ridiculous contract he signed with the Pirates 4 years and $15 million.

1993 Action Packed Rookie/Update Series #1

I knew nothing about this set when I purchased it, but the box was pretty cheap, and I had a lot of fun collecting that year.  Each pack has the picture of a rookie, with this one depicting Glyn Milburn.  Here is what I pulled:

#218 Mark Brunell – a player I really liked when I was growing up, and still in the league this year.  I appreciated him as a lefty like me, and watched him put up numbers for the Jaguars. (Photo taken with my 0 Megapixel iPod because I didn’t feel like firing up the scanner).


#197 – Demetrius DuBose – I remembered some kind of bad ending here, so I looked it up – he was killed in a confrontation with police in 1999.

#177 Wayne Simmons – a 1st rounder who played at Clemson

#214  Andre Hastings – an undistinguished receiver who played for 3 teams throughout the 90’s

#170 William Roaf – Excellent player who made 11 Pro Bowls and is likely headed for the Hall of Fame soon

#174 Patrick Bates – big-time 1st round bust, drafted by the Raiders

Welcome to My Blog!

I have been collecting sports cards for quite some time, but lately, my collecting has been limited to purchasing a few packs here and there on rare occasions.  Last week, nostalgia kicked in, and I browsed the Internet to find some boxes from when I was younger and everything seemed simpler.  The boxes began arriving Thursday, so now I have been going through and seeing what I got.  Here is what I ordered:

1 box 1994 Fleer Ultra Series 1 baseball

1 box 1994 Score Series 1 baseball

1 box 1993 Upper Deck Series 1 baseball

1 box 1993 Upper Deck Series 2 baseball

1 box 1995 Collector’s Choice baseball

1 box 1993 Action Packed Rookie/Update football

1 box 2009 Donruss Threads football

It has been fun looking for sets where I liked the design for some reason back then, but now I can afford to purchase them.  Going through the packs also takes me back, as I remember what I thought about players back then and think about where they have gone.